Hair coloring became popular in the 1960’s with product innovations from major haircolor companies. Today, estimates suggest that up to 75% of women color their hair. Despite advances in hair coloring technology, the reality is that hair color fades over time due to hair porosity, density and texture, as well as various daily aggressions such as sun and wind exposure, and frequent shampooing.

Mad About Color™ blow dry creams are functionally different than any hair coloring support product on the market. Mad About Color blow dry creams infuse hair with actual, non-damaging color pigment precisely formulated to protect hair from daily stress.

Our innovative approach is simple: Apply. Blow dry.

Your hair is immediately conditioned and temporarily re-colored during the blow-drying process. Mad About Color blow dry creams refresh your hair color intensity when your hair becomes dull, flat, or has faded. Best of all, Mad About Color blow dry creams last up to 3 to 4 shampoos.

Directions for use

Apply product to wet palms. Spread liberally on clean, damp hair where color has faded. Wash hands thoroughly. Layer other styling products if desired, and blow dry hair completely. For a superior finish, use a flat iron or a curling iron.

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